Huzza! Valerie on World Net Daily as a “News” Source

19 03 2008

Valerie Moon does us all a service with her exhaustive — probably exhausting! — reference list of story links, “California ruling dominates homeschooling news” and then she does us a greater service IMNSHO by spelling out this important homeschool advocacy note:

Fyi, all reports from World Net Daily (WND), and any reports that invoke either Hitler or the Nazis, have not been included.

To me, WND’s reporting is of the ‘throw in everything but the kitchen sink’ variety so that the tone is more emotional than factual. I don’t find it helpful. For anything about Hitler & pals, the library should have some comprehensive history books.

Credible, serious home education defense calls for credible, serious home education sources worth our effort to analyze and develop credible, serious plans to handle, as needed.

Leave all the World Net Daily-style ad hominem, hype, hysterics, propaganda, fear-mongering, bible beating, and agenda flogging out of it. PLEASE! Or else leave me out of it, which is fine too.



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19 03 2008
Nance Confer

Fantastic, Valerie! Stick up for reality and we may actually begin to understand what’s going on in CA. And beyond? 🙂


20 03 2008

You know what was more irritating than the WND articles? Trying to slush through all the blogs which merely reposted their articles when I was looking for discussion and more information on what was going on.

Oy, can that be irritating.

20 03 2008
Nance Confer

I just left a hsing legislative list for this very reason. Treating some of the “reporting” available as if it is worthy of serious discussion, wasting everyone’s time on it and never really discovering what is really going on or taking forever to do so and then endlessly looping back through the garbage — well, it’s no way to communicate.

I’m seeing the same sort of “well, we have to be fair and balanced” approach to the recent Obama news. It’s just tremendously time-consuming to follow up on every piece of distracting garbage that is thrown at us as we try to see what is actually going on.


20 03 2008
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20 03 2008

Yes, it’s just another way to drive the agenda. The fluttery helpmeets so earnestly passing along such articles wholesale don’t plot it out that way themselves, of course; they’re just (silly) putty in the hands of the (male) powerbrokers who do . . .

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