Valerie Moon, Rob Reich, NPR and THE Conversation

29 03 2008

Did y’all realize Diane Rehm had a homeschool show this week? My brain’s problem-solving process has been 100% focused on specific math disability (dyscalculia) research and finding public education policy accommodations for same, so I missed the whole thing.

But I’ve been there before, many times, even in conversation with Diane Rehm and Rob Reich specifically. I know the script by heart.

And maybe what I was dealing with instead, was all part of the same universal word problem anyway — take this from the dyscalculia research pages for instance:
“It is natural to believe that everyone thinks like you do.”
No kidding . . .

Valerie gives a blow-by-blow account (literally) of the program as it aired, and then she quite astutely and correctly imo, identifies the conversation as THE Conversation For All Things —

Whether it was then or now, about homeschool philosophy or preschool testing or college algebra mandates, in NHEN legislative forum debate or Scott Somerville’s blog or on National Public Radio, in a California court called “child protection”or the Florida statehouse called “academic freedom”, whether it’s conviction-driven public policy to address some very “specific disability” in individuals, or generalized social welfare — it’s still the same education conversation:

. . .it seems as if some of the controversy about homeschooling (if not all of it) comes down to the ancient commotion over what people think, and who gets to tell the kiddies about ‘it’ so that the kiddies will grow up to be ‘right-thinking’ adults. All the parts seem to be about this particular control. Anything else seems (to me) to be a smokescreen, not specifically on this NPR program, but in the overall discussion about homeschooling.

. . .We all have our pet peeves, and how we feel about reliance on governmental oversight skews opinion about making laws and regulations as much as being an ‘advocate’ for a particular undertaking, such as homeschooling.

And this is The Conversation not just for education. Think of everything to do with privacy and family life, as well as society and public policy. . . Read the rest of this entry »

Google Goes Dark to Save the World

29 03 2008

Cool graphic, really startled me just now.

Read more here.

Snook is keenly supportive of the initiative’s aspirations but this blog will not go dark tonight in PC sympathy. Nance and I live in Florida where we’re all too familiar with weather-induced blackout and the object is to avoid it, not volunteer for it!