Political Art? Identity Art? (Is There Home Education Art?)

30 03 2008

Campaigning politicians talk solutions; artists talk problems. Politics deals in goals and initiatives; art, or at least interesting art, in a language of doubt and nuance.This has always been true when the subject is race. And when it is, art is often ahead of the political news curve, and heading in a contrary direction.

. . . a young artist named Rashid Johnson created a fictional secret society of African-American intellectuals, a cross between Mensa and the Masons. . . Here was art beyond old hot-button statements, steering clear of easy condemnations and endorsements.

But are artists like Mr. Johnson making “black” art? Political art? Identity art?
There are no answers, or at least no unambiguous ones.

Reading this I was thinking, aha! — maybe home education doesn’t need any more political advocacy. We sure need some of that “hot-button statement” avoidance! Steer us way clear of “easy condemnations and endorsements”!

Forget about which white males have the clout to push homeschool legislative initiatives from the pulpit yet again. Never mind whose religious tradition has ruled the roost to date, in homeschooling’s efforts to unite in defense of our freedoms. Maybe what we really need now to suit the troubles of our times, isn’t anybody’s brand of politics OR religion, at all. And forget the certified teachers and their union’s protectionist political pronouncements, too.

How about some real-live, bang-up, cutting edge, street theatre, indie to the max, audacious home education ART? Laura, wasn’t somebody working on a film version of home education art a few years back, or is that just wishful thinking?




One response

30 03 2008

As much as we like to take homeschool politics so seriously, it can’t really be worse than RACE, now can it?

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