Yes, you are paying a lot in taxes . . .

14 04 2008

My capital city newspaper editor’s opinion here:

According to the Tax Foundation’s analysis, Floridians’ overall tax burden is the 12th-highest among all the states, with 33.7 percent of our annual average income going to taxes last year.

No wonder Floridians are willing to cut education for our children, health care for poor pregnant women, basic health care to others, the arts, raises for hard-working state employees and just about anything else. . .We can cut all the mosquito-control programs we want from the local budget and it won’t really put a dent in our tax burden. You want to keep more of your money? Do something about federal spending.

But what about spreading the burden more fairly, so that those with all the money who haven’t been paying taxes at all, start ponying up with the rest of us?

I’m all for that, but I’m not talking about taxing “rich” individuals or Big Business. At least they arguably are required to pay something here in the same boat with me! No, as a Thinking Parent, I was thinking that between tax-favored schools and churches, there’s a helluva lot of untaxed income left free to effectively commandeer what’s left of MY income, and to control my life and community politically and economically. . .

Kitchen Counters, Body Counts, School Accountability

14 04 2008

My radio woke me today with NPR describing body count as performance measure being the worst problem in some civil war or other (Venezuela maybe?)

Success was measured in dead bodies, so naturally non-combatants were being slaughtered, dressed in the right uniforms and left to be counted for the “right” side. For better performance what mainly needed to change, was the performance MEASURE.

Later I was cleaning a coffee stain (left by the early riser go-to-work shift at my house) from my white kitchen counter, which once I looked at it with a cleaning cloth in my hand, had several other spots too. I was idly wishing for a burgundy or burnt umber surface instead, one that wouldn’t show dirt, grime and spills. But then I thought, would I even know to clean it then and would looking cleaner mean we actually had a cleaner counter, or perversely, just more undetectable dirt?? Read the rest of this entry »