Thinking About Taxes

15 04 2008

Relative to the services that you receive from government, do you think you pay too much in taxes? Explain.

That was our opening question for the new venture at Thinking Homeschoolers.

I don’t feel we pay too much income tax — we don’t make that much! 🙂 — and sometimes we even get a tax refund. I can’t complain about what we pay for taxes other than federal either. We bought our home before the ridiculous boom in housing prices and pay relatively low property taxes. My state, FL, does not have a state income tax. We do have sales tax but at 6-7% it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

My complaint with taxes is the irrational, short-sighted, ineffective ways we use our pool of tax money. We apparently have no grasp of the long-term or any plan to deal with issues beyond the next headline.
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Ben Stein’s Expelled — EXPOSED!

15 04 2008

Cool content on the new site, go now! Then link to it too, help keep “Expelled Exposed” coming up on the first page of “Expelled” search results at Google.

Here’s the exact code and link, as requested:

Cock of the snook to PZ for this:

One of the more effective parts is the truth behind Expelled, which goes one by one through the cases of “expelled” creationists, and shows that they weren’t — the quality of a good persecution has gone down considerably since the days of Romans with lions, I guess.

News my state could use right now, with that twisted sophist “academic freedom” protection bill (specifically to protect creationist teaching in public school science class) moving through the Florida Legislature . . .

I feel the need to use the code again, in case it helps the cause of actual academic freedom and intelligent debate: