Ben Stein’s Expelled — EXPOSED!

15 04 2008

Cool content on the new site, go now! Then link to it too, help keep “Expelled Exposed” coming up on the first page of “Expelled” search results at Google.

Here’s the exact code and link, as requested:

Cock of the snook to PZ for this:

One of the more effective parts is the truth behind Expelled, which goes one by one through the cases of “expelled” creationists, and shows that they weren’t — the quality of a good persecution has gone down considerably since the days of Romans with lions, I guess.

News my state could use right now, with that twisted sophist “academic freedom” protection bill (specifically to protect creationist teaching in public school science class) moving through the Florida Legislature . . .

I feel the need to use the code again, in case it helps the cause of actual academic freedom and intelligent debate:




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15 04 2008

Yeah, I remember that you live in Florida every time I read the latest stories about the “academic freedom” wars going on there 😦

On the less dark side, I use FL news to turn the homeschooling = religious indoctrination argument on it’s head by suggesting (in comments here and there) that if you live in Florida you might want to consider “Evolved Homeschooling.” (I usually also provide a link to the EH wiki.) I’m hardly an opinion maker – but it makes me feel better 🙂

The video (in your link to PZ) is pretty scary. I’d never seen it before.

16 04 2008

It opens nationwide this Friday (April 18 ) and here’s one critic’s take:

It’s all so shockingly, baldly disingenuous and phony an “argument” that it may well make you want to throw things at the screen, as I nearly did. But it’s why you must see Expelled.
. . . because until those who would stand up for honesty and integrity — of any kind, never mind the “merely” scientific — as willing to accept that their opponents pretend to no such scruples, they will always be hitting us in our blind spots.

Our eyes must be opened to their trickery.

19 04 2008
Nance Confer

And now there’s a contest!


24 04 2008

COD goes a’fisking here and takes an effusive and mendacious “review” of the movie’s opening weekend apart.

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