Legislative “Nutz” Scraping “Bottom” of Issues Barrel

18 04 2008

Tallahassee Democrat editor Bob Gabordi today:

For the record, wearing baggy shorts or hanging Truck Nutz is probably
bad form, and the wearers of either should get sent to their rooms by
their mamas. But who really thinks we need or want the government
deciding what we wear and/or hang from our trucks

Meanwhile, the absolute s**t about Ben Stein’s documented propaganda as “evolution academic freedom” continues to be excreted in my state capital’s chambers, as the education funding crisis and all sorts of kid-harming school policy issues are sat upon or just “pooh-poohed” (thus keeping this juvenile lower body parts obsession going) . . .

Btw, will they be banning this Dr. Phil Favorite in Florida next??