Doing a Favor for a Friend

21 04 2008

. . .is what has kept me from posting much lately but also why I’m posting right now.

(Nance made a special request for a new post to bump that ugly art off the top!)

The other favor is about education and Nance will think it’s cool, I predict, as soon as I get time to go into it. Meanwhile, on a completely unrelated topic, we’re researching bagpipes for beginners because Young Son is on the cusp on leaving his practice chanter behind and taking the leap, and it’s all very exciting. And so here’s art of — um — another saggy bag??

David Naill Bagpipes




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22 04 2008

I know no idea!

My grandfather played bagpipes. He lived in Cape Breton and also spoke gaelic. A piper visited him from Scotland and we discovered, through the piper, that not only did Papa play the pipes in an old (and self-taught) style that most pipers didn’t know these days but he also played a lot of music that had been lost in Scotland and mostly forgotten here.

He also never never saw the need to pass done any of his skills to any children and grandchildren.

22 04 2008

Hi Dawn, this just proves what a smart Scottish pipemaster we have in John McIlroy, because he told us in his delightful brogue Thursday night that part of piping “education” is to put your quest out into the universe, tell everyone you know and then be amazed at the connections and stories and sometimes even classic sets of pipes and music that turn up.

The pipes, the pipes are ca-aa-lling!

We spent Saturday at the local Scottish Highland Games
& Celtic Festival
, where there were pipebands and celtic rock all day like a battle of the bands, culminating in one big ceilidh (folk party) that night. If you’re from Canada, maybe you know high-energy eclectic Celt-inspired groups like Enter the Haggis? One of Young Son’s favorites to step-dance to — which btw I am learning was both Irish and Scottish.

22 04 2008
Nance Confer

Oh, this is much better. Thank you! And thanks to Young Son for being the inspiration! 🙂


1 05 2008

Well, we ordered the D Naills tonight! They should be here in a week or so–

12 05 2008
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