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1 05 2008

Florida’s academic freedom bill is dead; long live academic freedom! 😉

I heard the good news on local public radio coverage of the end of session. Here’s the Discovery Institute’s version, poor things, bet they’re cross:

Are Florida’s House Republicans Trying to Sabotage Evolution Academic Freedom Bill?

Florida citizens who support academic freedom legislation on evolution might want to ask some tough questions of House Republican leaders in their state. Rather than pass an academic freedom bill previously adopted by the state Senate, the Florida House earlier this week adopted its own seemingly tougher measure that would actually require critical analysis of evolution. But wait: the Florida Senate had previously rejected the House approach, and with only a week left in the legislative session, Florida House members had to know that it would be extremely difficult to hammer out a new bill that could pass both houses within the remaining time. If the Florida legislature adjourns without passing an evolution academic freedom bill–after both legislative chambers previously approved bills on the topic by strong margins–Florida’s House Republican leadership will need to explain why they allowed academic freedom for Florida teachers to be sabotaged.

I hope I’m wrong, but it’s beginning to look like someone in the Florida House leadership is intentionally trying to kill the academic freedom bill. If so, that’s outrageous, and I hope concerned citizens in Florida will demand some answers.

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And here’s a fine opinion piece from an Intelligent Christian in our capital city newspaper yesterday — I thought bringing CS Lewis into it was a particularly nice touch:

Seeking ignorance in the name of God
Christians should have no fear of evolution

by Richard Lindsley Walton
My View

C.S. Lewis, the Oxford professor and author of “The Chronicles of Narnia,” once said that it isn’t what the devil puts into our minds that we should be afraid of; it’s what he keeps out.

We should all, religious and nonreligious people alike, be familiar with the concepts of creationism and intelligent design. Public school, however, is not the place to disseminate this “scientific information.”

The problem with the Florida Senate’s so-called Evolution Academic Freedom Act, and a similar bill passed by the House, is that the logic supporting the effort fails to rise to the standards of its own lofty title. In other words, this bill is not truly concerned with responsible academic freedom.

. . .If, in the name of academic freedom, we are going to ask whether creationism or intelligent design could be, then are we also going to ask whether unidentified flying objects or intelligent life on other planets could be? Read the rest of this entry »

Doc Finds Name That Fits School Sock Puppets “Laden” With Logic Disorders

1 05 2008

Great parody of Greg Laden’s anti-homeschool piousness passing as critical thought, over at Alasandra’s — if you can stomach the Tiny Cat Pants-style side show spectacle he’s staging in her comments. I still find it pretty tawdry but it IS hard not to gawk in disgusted fascination . . . .

Here’s the rotten vegetables he and his trolls are flinging at dear Alasandra:

If you have a chance, go over to this site and tell this girl that she should change the name of her blog post. I don’t mind that her post is a parody of a post I wrote. I mean really, I’m made out of rubber and she’s made out of glue … etc. etc. … But she really should not use the term she uses in the title of her post. This girl has shown evidence in the past of being a bit of a follower and I think this term is used a lot by “Doc” the home schooling mommie. But still, she should know better.

At heart I think she is a good person, if also a bit mean spirited, terribly misguided, and, well, not very smart. So if a few people tell her that derivations of the word “retard” are not OK, maybe she’ll have a learning moment. . .