Using and Abusing Analogies: The Homeschool Edition

8 05 2008

Dana’s got a new piece taking homeschool analogies to pieces, in Heart of the Matter.

Feel free to post other analogies that annoy you in the comments here, especially if you can put your finger on what’s wrong with them. (Extra points for funny!)

Well-working analogies welcome too, if you know some. I remember a really good one for unschooling, about a free, open walking park where all sorts of people just can’t get the concept, keep pouting or asking to bring in vehicles; they won’t join in but also can’t seem to leave the happy walkers alone! Sandra Dodd’s site, I think? I’ll look tomorrow if someone doesn’t offer it before then . . .




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9 05 2008

I think my brain has been devoured by other tasks. I really honestly tried to think of one last night, and my poor brain is still empty.

9 05 2008

See if you like this one, Dana. I just found the one mentioned in my post:
“The Beautiful Park” by Robyn Coburn:

At some distance from the tracks, was a garden park that was full of walkers. The walkers meandered around sometimes, and at other times were seen to be walking briskly forward or even jogging. To the astonishment of passing cyclists, sometimes walkers in the beautiful garden were seen to be lounging around on the grass, or smelling the flowers. As for the people on the train, they could barely see the garden, let alone notice the inhabitants. . .

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