What We’ve Been Up To UnSchooling

12 05 2008

Last week was dance show week, with lost jazz shoes that needed to be replaced at the last minute and dress rehearsals for hours and hours and HOURS every day and night, then the Big Annual Show with family and friends and photographs Saturday.

“Journey On” was the theme and Favorite Daughter again was hired to write the script tying the pieces together into an artistic whole. Power of Story! And she and Young Son both then were cast as voices, professionally recorded acting out the show’s soundtrack. So now we’re all happy but more than ready for some idle amusements and unstructured downtime.

It was notable as our last show after ten years at this studio — Favorite Daughter is all grown up and immersed in collegiate challenges, and Young Son is increasingly drawn to other styles of performance, especially those bagpipes arriving day after tomorrow!

The next show our family is focused on will be in two weeks, a formal senior voice recital for our beautiful soprano at Florida State University College of Music, all light opera and musical theatre. She’s preparing Yum Yum’s solo and two trios — including Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Die Fledermaus — and also will join into a couple of big ensemble pieces.




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15 04 2009
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