Edwards and Obama in Michigan — Brilliant!

14 05 2008

Watching right now on CNN, what a really FUN year this is gonna be . . .




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14 05 2008
Not June Cleaver

Hey, I was watching that too at a fast food Chinese restaurant with my 7 year old. I was getting into it when the owner changed the channel to Discovery Channel “How It’s Made.” I guess she thought my 7 year old would prefer that (there was nobody there but us). Actually, he seemed to be really watching it and paying attention to it. Oh well. How It’s Made was good too. 🙂

14 05 2008

So if it wasn’t how a presidency is made, what WAS it?

15 05 2008
Not June Cleaver

Road signs, cranberry juice, rubber stamps. Hmmm. There might be a story here.

15 05 2008

Maybe several stories! 🙂

Back in the dark ages when I was an aspiring young UF journalism major, Theodore White’s “The Making of a President 1968” made quite an impact on me. Hadn’t thought of it this century but I just now checked it out online and saw a reader’s review that foreshadows the making of a president 2008:

“The Making Of The President – 1968” is by no means an outdated book. It’s instead a primordial account of national politics as we now know them, with its sharp divides along racial, class, and ideological grounds, where the old ways, for better and worse, were being changed forever and the politicians were struggling to keep up.

It should be required reading for political science majors; it’s worthwhile reading for any citizen.

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