Finally I am Fashionable Again — More is More!

15 05 2008

Miley Cyrus and her 16-year-old counterpart Zippora are taking it off in public and making cultural waves but thank goodness the fashion beat to which they’re so glamorously baring their um, souls, needn’t be the theme song of MY summer exposure!

Not that I was planning to go swimsuit shopping in any case, but it’s nice to know I could possibly (venture back into the water?) if I really wanted to, without risking a full-color glossy magazine shot of myself as the biggest fashion DON’T ever!

. . .The spotted halter top called up images of Norma Jeane Baker (pre Marilyn Monroe) or Janet Leigh sunning atop a float in the Rose Bowl parade. It was just saying howdy-do to a high-waist black bikini bottom. How civilized.

As swimsuit season approaches, women are discovering that many of this summer’s suits represent a sharp turnaround from the crass arrangement of string and sequins that in recent years has made the Hamptons shore look like a Vegas sideshow.

Probably for the first time since Lindsay Lohan was born, fashion designers, from the high-end likes of Miuccia Prada and Stella McCartney to mainstream classics like Jantzen, have taken a more refined approach to swimwear, emphasizing one-piece looks, halter tops, high-waist boy shorts and ruffles and ruching as camouflaging details.

. . .“The extra coverage feels really right,” said the designer Shoshanna Gruss. “What more people are realizing is that these shapes are beautiful, and more women can wear these. More is more.”

Now one could argue that the covered-up direction in swimwear has something to do with the tanking economy (ahem, tankini), or perhaps it is a precautionary statement against too much sun exposure.
More likely, such looks have come around again for the same reason they were popular a half-century ago.

As the Macy’s window display of historic Jantzen suits would suggest, leaving a little to the imagination imparts a lot of allure.




2 responses

15 05 2008

I second that!

15 05 2008

Everything comes in waves. When everything jumps on the “midriff” bandwagon, eventually someone is going to notice that the market for the less revealing outerwear is going neglected.

I like classic black and white, myself. My tastes have changed little over the years, and I miss my shoes I bought in Germany. They made a brief debut here, and I bought three pairs but wore out the last one years ago. Now I’m just waiting, hoping they make their debut again. The 70’s came back. So can my shoes. 🙂

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