Fine Evolution Post by Thinking Homeschooler Valerie Moon

17 05 2008

Science doesn’t require “belief,” it just is. Whether or not I “believe” in gravity, we’re all still stuck to the Earth. I find it hard to “believe” that energy from the sun can travel through the vacuum of space, through the layers of atmosphere around the Earth, and through the windows of my porch and still warm the air inside during a northern hemisphere January — but it happens whether I’m a Doubting Thomasina or not.

On the other hand, what is stated in the Bible (depending on what you’re reading) is not objectively observable. Science is based on what is, or isn’t, regardless of what the observer “believes” — and may change over time as our methods of observation improve

The reported commotion about the homeschool connection to conservative Protestantism makes no newsworthy sense.

Good read any day and TWICE on Sunday! 🙂