She’d Better Just Be Shooting Off Her MOUTH

23 05 2008

Did you hear — can you believe — what she’s said now?

Her latest rationale for staying in the race is that Obama could always be assassinated like Bobby Kennedy was in the summer leading to the convention, and then she would “win” after all . . .

Sallie Mae Throwing Good-Faith Student Loan Repayers Under School Bus

23 05 2008

Once upon a time MisEducation was a Good College Kid, bright, hard-working, meaning to make money decisions responsibly. Even she was famously taken in for a couple of years (and a few thousand dollars) by a life insurance product branded as the College Masters Scam, oops, uh, Plan.

It only bruised her ego and bank account, didn’t cripple either one, probably a good lesson in the real world.

But in today’s world a young person’s entire financial future may be forfeit to shady deals and immoral misrepresentations — even a good college kid who graduates and goes on into adulthood without making a single stupid investment or missing a single student loan payment. Worse, the government could be in on it.
See “. . .Sallie Mae’s new effort to trash the credit ratings of people in full compliance with their repayment obligations. . .”

And don’t even get me started about universities selling students’ individual information to credit card companies without their knowledge or permission, maybe there’s a video on that somewhere too? hmmm . . .