Good Post From Holly at Unschool Days

28 05 2008

Go take a look and enjoy:
“One-hundredth Post– and Archaic Forms of Bagel Torture”

Aren’t we a fine community at that? 🙂

The second part of her post made me recall someone (Lynn at Bore Me to Tears maybe?) recounting how she once attracted a blog-surfer searching for “horse smegma” and imagined herself becoming the online headquarters for smegma fanatics worldwide. EEeeuuuuw!

And I could add that Katherine Harris has been Snook’s most popular search term this week (since HBO’s Recount aired.) Usually it is “lion” — why are lions such a perennial favorite for web searching, can anyone fathom a guess?




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28 05 2008

I think that was Not June Cleaver at These Go to Eleven.

Isn’t it funny how we all remember horse smegma?

28 05 2008

Thanks Dawn! Although to add a link to it, I just searched NotJC’s blog with the term “smegma” and got “sorry, no posts matched your criteria” so maybe it was Eireann at the defunct School of Thought blog or someone else?

In any case, now maybe Lynn will come join the thread and tell us what her strangest search term was?

28 05 2008
Not June Cleaver

Oh great, now at least I’ll know who searched my blog for that word! I’m so glad nothing came up on your search, Bobb.

Nope it wasn’t me. The weirdest hit I ever got was “o’donnell family homeschool website.” LOL! No, maybe it was “how will a girl of eleven go out with me.” Or perhaps “show kids pictures getting dressed.” I’m hoping that last one was a preschool teacher who wanted to post something in her classroom.

Wow. This is kind of fun. I may have to blog about this.

28 05 2008

If it wasn’t Not June it must have been Lynn.

Did anyone ever hear from Eireann? Sort of miss her.

28 05 2008

Wonder why NotJC is calling me Bobb? All is revealed here, in comments.

To get your own goofball-geometric avatar and a nickname to go with it, post a comment and take your chances. . .

28 05 2008

I miss her too!

29 05 2008

Yes, yes, it was me (smile, curtsy). I went back to look at it tonight and was disappointed to see that the comments had disappeared. JJ, you left a couple really funny ones, as I remember. Too bad. I have no idea what happened. For now, I went ahead and reposted it tonight (Back by Popular Demand) 🙂

29 05 2008
Not June Cleaver

Lynn and Dawn are both pointy heads.

Maybe sometime this week I’ll try to figure out how to get a different avatar. Though perhaps it is appropriate for me to have a pentagon head since I live so close to the Pentagon.

30 05 2008

OOH, OOH — Lynn, I found the original original!

(Not that you make it easy, without a “search” box on your blog and no category for “smegma” — and calling this post something so bland as Lazy Sunday Afternoons did not help.)

But here ’tis, and the comments are there too:

Just perusing my blog stats and noticed some new visitors that have arrived by way of the following Google searches:

1. fulfill sexual fantasies before marriage
2. my children bore me
3. allergy to your own smegma
4. john riddle birmingham bible teacher

Well, first let me welcome you.


Regrettably, I can be of absolutely no assistance with respect to any of these queries. . .

31 05 2008

LOL at a smegma category 🙂

Yes, I forgot about this post – and that the comments from you were in response to this one and not the other.

Funny, when I first started exploring blogs, yours kept popping up on blogrolls. Yes, upon first glance, it did look a little naughty!

31 05 2008

Dear NotJune,

I’m sorry to see your frowny face but, while I do have a pointy head like Dawn, I’ve only got one tooth – and creases framing my eyes 😉

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