Decision Time: Either Hillary Loses or This Face Wins

1 06 2008

Face of Old Partisan Politics

This is what’s been wrong my whole lifetime — this woman’s face and whatever self-serving identity war she thinks politics is all about. And the candidate who feeds on it.

This isn’t the face of feminism or progress or any kind of real change. It’s the old ugly face of fear and fury, and if it’s the public face of the Democratic Party this year, it will be the face on the cover of another sad report of what went wrong.



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1 06 2008

Really. I’d feel so much better if these women would stop trying to save me.

To anyone who wants the next Presidency to be about the future, the contrast between this picture and the pictures of Obama rallies with young men and women, children riding on their shoulders, is stark.


1 06 2008

Been here, done this, SO sick of it.
The Clintons are admittedly right that this fight is just like the2000 Florida recount fight, but not in any good way. It’s all self-serving, sophist BS.

1 06 2008
1 06 2008

Yes, let’s say yes! — to the young people, all the young people, who sound more promising than old people on both sides of the partisan divide. 🙂

1 06 2008
Nance Confer

“They say they are tired of the culture wars. They say they do not want the test of their faith to be the fight against gay rights. They say they want to broaden the traditional evangelical anti-abortion agenda to include care for the poor, the environment, immigrants and people with H.I.V., according to experts on younger evangelicals and the young people themselves.”


Great news. And if they can keep their “good news” to themselves while doing all these good works, they may make a better impression on others than their elders.


1 06 2008

Well, my understanding of what “evangelical” means. might make that unlikely. 🙂

I do think extremism turns people off. Anybody’s extremism from this distorted face pictured above to the anti-abortion protestors at the Dr. Seuss movie to the mideast beheadings of infidels, and the stoning and killing of rape victims because the holy book supposedly says so.

It just does, even as it may charge up some rabid redmeat types for a fight. Extremism is bad news and bad work.

Maybe their good works and good news could just back off from secular government, secular justice, and secular school, become personal and private and a matter of free speech and free will again, with neither hostility nor help in the public sphere? That would be a big improvement!

2 06 2008

Via RedMolly, here’s a wonderful piece by Thinker Steven Pinker about what young evangelicals need to think their way past:

“The Stupidity of Dignity” . . .

A major sin of theocon bioethics is exactly the one that it sees in biomedical research: overweening hubris. In every age, prophets foresee dystopias that never materialize, while failing to anticipate the real revolutions.

Had there been a President’s Council on Cyberethics in the 1960s, no doubt it would have decried the threat of the Internet, since it would inexorably lead to 1984, or to computers “taking over” like HAL in 2001. Conservative bioethicists presume to soothsay the outcome of the quintessentially unpredictable endeavor called scientific research.

And they would stage-manage the kinds of social change that, in a free society, only emerge as hundreds of millions of people weigh the costs and benefits of new developments for themselves, adjusting their mores and dealing with specific harms as they arise, as they did with in vitro fertilization and the Internet. . .

2 06 2008

Now that I’m reading Lakoff’s new book, I’m wondering what frames this woman has embedded in her moral system of thought, that would make her feel this face is the one she should show the world to make it a better place?!?

15 06 2008

Op-Ed Columnist
Angry Clinton Women ♥ McCain?


I’ll also add this to my “Great Derangement” post about the power of false story in constantly repeated political narratives has been altering if not destroying reality itself. . .

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