Thinking About My Candidate

4 06 2008

Write a 30-second elevator pitch for the candidate of your choice. That’s our assignment at the Evolved Homeschooler Thinking Homeschoolers site this time.

The only reason it would take 30 seconds for me to make my pitch is that it would take me that long to fumble my wallet out of my purse.

Then I would show you the pictures of my kids. I won’t post them here but, I promise you, they are just as gloriously, amazingly, inspiringly vibrant as the pictures of your children that you would whip out in response.

That’s why I’m voting for Obama. There was an actual choice when there was a race between Clinton and Obama. But now, when the only question is whether I will vote for the past —

or whether I will vote for the future and a candidate who actually surprises me with feelings of . . . what is that odd sensation . . . optimism? hope? — hope that competence might be back, that truth instead of truthiness might guide decisions, that some of the promises might actually be fulfilled, that I might be able to talk to my children about something good that their government is accomplishing —

is there really any question? Look at the snapshots in your wallet and let those faces — the future — be your guide. That’s my pitch. 🙂