Pithy Pitch for Obama’s Finger on My (Elevator) Button

5 06 2008

Going up?

Wikimaster Chris O’Donnell is laughing up his sleeve because he thinks this Thinking Parent challenge will be especially challenging for bloggers like me, who always have a lot more to say about almost everything. 🙂

So up his.
(SLEEVE, I said!)
I’m laughing up mine back at him, because I know I can do this, piece of cake. Why am I so smug? Because he forgot, I guess, that I already did it!

And my elevator-ride pitch for Barack Obama doesn’t need 30 seconds, not even 30 words. How about six?

Six words! — to tell the story of my personal motivation (from homeschooling to hurricanes, finance to fascism) for choosing to support his candidacy, and maybe it will be the whole nation’s story in the end: Read the rest of this entry »