Homeschool Humor from the National Spelling Bee

6 06 2008

UPDATE: I just realized the guys (Daryl and COD) already had this by the end of May, maybe they were watching the finals live? I was busy getting kids ready for the third performance in as many weekends and I was totally out of touch. Sorry guys, you rock, who needs Google alerts with you on the job?? 🙂

This World Magazine news story subtitled with homeschoolers and changing public attitudes, reminded me of Mormon Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings and his punny garden tool, ho’ ho’ ho’. . . 😉

You have to subscribe — which I didn’t — to read the whole article, but not just for the words-are-funny-things story, which is up top and free.




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6 06 2008

Btw, COD had what I thought was a great post a couple of weeks ago, that in discussion somehow got diverted (shrunk down?) to the Subway Contest Rules Crisis, all about whether it was okay to exclude homeschoolers from competition.

But that wasn’t the Big Idea of COD’s post, this was:

When you look at the homeschooling debates online, they seem to match up pretty well with Prospect Theory. . .

6 06 2008

Recently I needed to replace a clock and went to an office supply store. When a (male) clerk asked if he could help me find something, I said, “Yes, I’m looking for clocks.” Poor thing, didn’t hear the “L” in “clocks” and repeated the word without it (with a priceless expression on his face). Uh, no thanks. All stocked up on those :/

6 06 2008

That same letter of the alphabet got me in trouble once preparing an opinion poll for the school district. I had them printed up and sent them out to our carefully drawn sample, with an “l” missing from the word “public” in “your public schools” — my saving grace seemed to be that no one ever read the damn thing, so I was the only one who noticed. . .

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