“Hey Mr. Cunningham!” a Must-Read at Meming of Life

14 06 2008

This wonderful old-movie post ties to everything we’re learning and discussing here, about how we talk to each other about memes that matter (and why we too often can’t.)

That’s the way the caricature crumbles — one person at a time.

Not to mention that you’ll learn a useful new way to define liberal and conservative, which if you’re a Thinking Parent, might even make you rethink how you think of yourself.

I’ve been doing a lot of that myself, come to think of it:

I connect these in my own mind — small towns and big hearts, racial and social and economic justice, words and music and story with real meaning for real people, characters we care enough about to “step into their skin” for a little while and begin to understand, and become better ourselves for it.