Fox News Gives Michelle Obama an A-plus??

18 06 2008

I swear I just saw this on cable news — Shepard Smith and some expert analyzing clips of her dishing on The View today, in her so-called “soft debut” for the general election.

The video clips from the signature fun fist-bump and Go Beavers, to recounting her 10-year-old daughter’s take on campaigning, to writing a note to Laura Bush, were all really good — *she* was really good, I mean, see for yourself — but the gushing commentary about her, from Fox, was downright ASTONISHING!

(Maybe the network is trying to make up for BabyMama ?)

And may I just say — because she announced that she is five-eleven, same as your humble blogger — be careful not to get us confused now! 😉

It’s Not Just a Religion, It’s an Adventure!

18 06 2008

COD has revealed the next Thinking Parent wiki topic, whoo-hoo! Will you be adding your own link to the august company this time?

Losing My Religion – If you had to pick a new religion, which one would it be, and why? Be as serious or as fanciful as you want with this, but you can’t pick something you were a part of in the past, and you can’t pick none.

I’m excited, so much to learn, so little time! Might quibble about his title though, isn’t this gaining a new religion instead of losing one? Like gaining a son or daughter when your child marries?

Beginning now, I am launching a nationwide search I might call “So You Think You Can Be My Religion” and I plan to audition prospective religions as potential leads for my story, so feel free to tutor me in yours if you like. Always unschooled Favorite Daughter is minoring in religion, so Read the rest of this entry »