Fox News Gives Michelle Obama an A-plus??

18 06 2008

I swear I just saw this on cable news — Shepard Smith and some expert analyzing clips of her dishing on The View today, in her so-called “soft debut” for the general election.

The video clips from the signature fun fist-bump and Go Beavers, to recounting her 10-year-old daughter’s take on campaigning, to writing a note to Laura Bush, were all really good — *she* was really good, I mean, see for yourself — but the gushing commentary about her, from Fox, was downright ASTONISHING!

(Maybe the network is trying to make up for BabyMama ?)

And may I just say — because she announced that she is five-eleven, same as your humble blogger — be careful not to get us confused now! 😉



One response

19 06 2008
Nance Confer

Whew! Glad you cleared that up! 🙂

I actually watched part of The View yesterday — not a normal activity around here. It was a very pleasant show. We all learned that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we still like real bacon. And other important things like that. 🙂

Kind of spineless in an “OMG this woman might actually make mincemeat of me” way that Hasselback didn’t speak up. But, whatever. . .


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