It’s Not Just a Religion, It’s an Adventure!

18 06 2008

COD has revealed the next Thinking Parent wiki topic, whoo-hoo! Will you be adding your own link to the august company this time?

Losing My Religion – If you had to pick a new religion, which one would it be, and why? Be as serious or as fanciful as you want with this, but you can’t pick something you were a part of in the past, and you can’t pick none.

I’m excited, so much to learn, so little time! Might quibble about his title though, isn’t this gaining a new religion instead of losing one? Like gaining a son or daughter when your child marries?

Beginning now, I am launching a nationwide search I might call “So You Think You Can Be My Religion” and I plan to audition prospective religions as potential leads for my story, so feel free to tutor me in yours if you like. Always unschooled Favorite Daughter is minoring in religion, so she’ll be my research consultant.

I realize that not everyone knows as much about religion as I do, not that I’m an expert. But my lack of any definitive religion makes it possible for me to see all religions without the filter of dogma.

I take my irreligiousness not as a free ride to ignore the faith of those around me; on the contrary, I try to know as much about their doctrines and cultures as possible. I think that’s just being responsible.

. . .Maybe we should all pay more attention to details.

“Pastafarianism” is out for me I guess — maybe not for you though? — because I’ve already been part of that, and Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian all are out too.
Which leaves everything else. 🙂




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18 06 2008

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use a REM song title in the post, even if it doesn’t exactly fit.

18 06 2008

Totally missed that, duh!

18 06 2008

Have you or Fave Daughter looked into Discordianism?

I can’t write about it because I’ve claimed it as my own for too many years, though I’ve really never bothered to practice. It is a parody after all, and too much Discordian piety seems to sort of ruin the religion, much like all the others.

18 06 2008
JJ Ross

Ooh, fresh meat, thanks sam . . . (still love that avatar)

18 06 2008
JJ Ross

I was noticing the word “irreligious” earlier as something I might consider calling myself, but then I thought it sounds too much like saying I’m irrigated.

18 06 2008
JJ Ross

And why does “sacrilegious” mean anti-religious, when it sounds like you’re combining sacred and religious into some super-charged adjective of ultrareligiosity?

19 06 2008

Oh, I’m working on how to tackle this one too. I’ll be curious with what you unearth.

19 06 2008

OK, I can’t be a Discordian because I don’t know how to type those fancy fonts. Darn! 🙂

And, according to the stringent game rules, I am not allowed to stick with atheist. Double darn!

This could be tough. . .


19 06 2008

OTOH, I like the turtle t-shirt in your DD’s link. . . turtles are nice. . . and it’s a science-y theme . . . and I wear t-shirts. . . OK, maybe this will be easy! 🙂


19 06 2008

Does cognitive psychology count as a religion? I believe in it and I’m sure I’m right!

Btw Sunday morning at 10, PRI will have a civilized discussion of “the new atheism” of Dawkins, Hitchens et al, asking the question of whether we’re on the front end of a whole new way of thinking about religion in third-millennium culture.
[UPDATE – listening now!]

Also when I was searching in vain to link that program promo, I found instead a program from last week, apparently about how current cultural thought alienates us from each other as we self-sort into these like-thinking, confirmation bias congregations of belief:The Clustering of Like-Minded Americans. I haven’t listened to it yet but I will. Let me know if you do too, and we can discuss here at Snook.

And btw again, just to show one can have ethics, and moral values like honesty and gratitude without any particular dogma — all credit for that clever t-shirt link should go to COD’s blogging it, where I saw it and then stuck it into the quote from Favorite Daughter.

19 06 2008

I don’t know. Maybe my new dogma won’t require me to give linky credit. 🙂

But, as I am still an atheist, I apologize, COD, for not mentioning you as the origin of that particular bit of sacrilege.


28 06 2008
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18 01 2017

When I originally had this conversation, FavD was indeed minoring in religion, in her bachelor’s program. She is now ABD (All But Dissertation) in one of the nation’s preeminent doctoral programs in American religious history. 🙂

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