Talk About Teaching the Controversy!

23 06 2008

While science teacher John Freshwater is still playing out some kind of Christian belief competition with word games, Parenting Beyond Belief has found a board game that’s more educational, a lot more fun, and without the actual smell of burning flesh:

Blasphemy™ is a board game of fun, action, and adventure in the Holy Land for 2 to 4 players who can read. . .
In Blasphemy™ you take part in the fate of a would-be Messiah. Your aim is to convince your compatriots that your Jesus, and your Jesus alone, is the genuine article.

. . .Blasphemy™ is the race to the cross!

Think school boards will buy this game in bulk for science classes, as part of the Teach the Controversy movement?



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23 06 2008

Methinks there are word games in the board game’s FAQ.

Is Blasphemy™ an anti-religious game, and are you trying to be disrespectful to Christianity?

Blasphemy™ is a loving mockery of a binary worldview (good vs. evil) and of those syrupy, sanctimonious, biblical literalists.

Opening the game box, I was overwhelmed! This game looks complicated. Is it?

Here is an approach I recommend:

* Drink! It’s very important. Red wine, white wine, martinis, or any such cocktail will do. In addition, listen to requiems during game play.
* Don’t let all the pieces, cards, and rules throw you. We’ve tried to keep the game simpler than actual Christian doctrine, but probably should have set the bar a bit higher. (We are also working on a New Revised Standard Version of the rules) . . .

23 06 2008

I saw this at PBB, too! Looks way more entertaining than any of the board games that we have in the closet! I also love the authors’ sense of humor (“We’ve tried to keep the game simpler than actual Christian doctrine”). A little pricey, however :/ — though not as costly as the Freshwater game.

25 06 2008

A board game site called Purple Pawn linked to Snook for the Blasphemy board game post, saying

“If you like conflict between religious icons as a theme in your boardgames, then follow the link to Cocking a Snook . . .

(By the way, I think it’s a blog by homeschoolers, but I’m not sure.)”

LOL Nance, maybe we should add the same tagline COD uses – this is not a homeschooling blog! — just to muddy the holy homeschool waters further? 😉

Anyway, at the aforementioned purple pawn site, I found an even more controversial game than dueling Jesuses, can’t wait for “PLAYING GODS, the Game of Divine Domination” to be released this fall!

My Buddha Kills Your Cthulhu and Eats Your Jesus
Posted on June 23, 2008 by Yehuda

Playing Gods, the Game of Divine Domination, is all set to be the next final note of many a news hour when it is released this September.

Enact the religious struggles ripped from today’s headlines with Moses, Jesus, and others, or step back in time to don the mantle of the Norse ruler Odin, the Roman god Mars, the Celtic warrior Morrigan, or Kali the Hindu god.

Wiccans can battle Scientologists and ancient Mayan gods for control over the world… the only limit is your imagination. Unleash floods and plagues on each other’s followers, while protecting your own flock. The god with the best strategy, skill, and luck shall rule the world….

With wrath and conversion cards, and the goal of killing or converting all other gods’ sects, it’s sure to be wholesome family fun for players of all ages.

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