Fourth of July Lessons of Freedom for Thinking Homeschoolers

1 07 2008

MisEducation has retired to her lovely country estate but she’s not dead yet!

Having bade her perhaps overly-invigorating guests good travel to joyful holiday observances with their own families, MisEducation retired to the deepest shade of the garden to nap and dream of freedom.

She roused to pen heartfelt thank you notes to each of the Friends of Freedom who had joined her that day, signing off with the thought that

“The Most Powerful Power of Story Can Be Learned Only In Freedom.”

Now in her honor for the Fourth of July, comes a new page of civilized arguments for learning in freedom,  ensconced on our homepage quite as firmly as MisEducation is ensconced in her cool, lavender-scented private library . . .

“Lessons of Freedom Learned Best IN Freedom”

“. . . many young adults have been cheated by years of excessive schoolwork and teamwork, too many extracurricular activities, and a straitjacketed “just say no to anything risky” upbringing.

I am convinced that modern childhood generally does not build enough independence and thirst for knowledge. . .[w]hat your child really needs, though, is an inventive, self-reliant, restless spirit.”



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