When Praying to Gods Makes Hard-nosed Business Sense. . .

2 07 2008

The news blurb reads:
Hindu deity who is part monkey and part man was appointed “symbolic chairman” of a business college that will open in India next month.

Chronicle of Higher Education
July 4, 2008
Bow Down Before the Chairman

. . .”He is a god of riches, comfort, power, prestige, fame, sweet
relationship, knowledge,” Vivek Tangri, president of the college, said
in an e-mail interview. “All these qualities are needed for one who is
in business or in [the] corporate sector.”

Mr. Tangri and another administrator will carry out day-to-day business,
drawing on Hanuman for blessing and inspiration. Hanuman will have an
office with incense holders and a laptop, the Associated Press has reported.

And don’t think we Americans can afford to smile or sneer at these quaint, colorful foreigners.

John S. Hawley, a religion professor at Barnard College:
. . . “I don’t think it’s very different from the United
States. The idea that God could be present in a boardroom certainly
isn’t foreign to us.”

True. American reality already counts among its CEO ranks at least one such presence — kindly, inspiring, knowledgeable, and of course immortal.


Uncle Ben got a promotion to Chairman of the Board. . . with his own fancy penthouse office, jet-setting schedule and authoritative rice-education curriculum.

You can poke around his empty office, open his travel journal, it feels almost like corporate espionage, with him hanging on the wall watching your every move!