When Praying to Gods Makes Hard-nosed Business Sense. . .

2 07 2008

The news blurb reads:
Hindu deity who is part monkey and part man was appointed “symbolic chairman” of a business college that will open in India next month.

Chronicle of Higher Education
July 4, 2008
Bow Down Before the Chairman

. . .”He is a god of riches, comfort, power, prestige, fame, sweet
relationship, knowledge,” Vivek Tangri, president of the college, said
in an e-mail interview. “All these qualities are needed for one who is
in business or in [the] corporate sector.”

Mr. Tangri and another administrator will carry out day-to-day business,
drawing on Hanuman for blessing and inspiration. Hanuman will have an
office with incense holders and a laptop, the Associated Press has reported.

And don’t think we Americans can afford to smile or sneer at these quaint, colorful foreigners.

John S. Hawley, a religion professor at Barnard College:
. . . “I don’t think it’s very different from the United
States. The idea that God could be present in a boardroom certainly
isn’t foreign to us.”

True. American reality already counts among its CEO ranks at least one such presence — kindly, inspiring, knowledgeable, and of course immortal.


Uncle Ben got a promotion to Chairman of the Board. . . with his own fancy penthouse office, jet-setting schedule and authoritative rice-education curriculum.

You can poke around his empty office, open his travel journal, it feels almost like corporate espionage, with him hanging on the wall watching your every move!



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28 05 2010
Snook Animals We’ve Known and Loved « Cocking A Snook!

[…] Monkey-Man god of business […]

1 11 2011

Okay, I can’t help enjoying this here!

Kentucky Gubernatorial Candidate Criticizes Favorite’s Participation In ‘Hindu Religious Ceremony’ :

Kentucky Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams criticized Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear Tuesday for participating in what Williams called a “Hindu religious ceremony” at a groundbreaking ceremony for an Indian company Friday.

. . . “He’s there participating with Hindu priests, participating in a religious ceremony,” said Williams Tuesday at a campaign stop, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. “They can say what they want to. He’s sitting down there with his legs crossed, participating in Hindu prayers with a dot on his forehead with incense burning around him. I don’t know what the man was thinking.”

. . .In the 2010 Kentucky race for U.S. Senate, Democrat Jack Conway attacked Republican Rand Paul over his affiliation with a secret society at Baylor University. In one incident, he and another member allegedly drove a woman to the countryside and made her worship a god called “Aqua Buddha.”

1 11 2011

Certain sects get very uppity when it appears that other cultures and religions are sharing the stage, visibly.


Aqua Buddha?

I am sure Buddha was thrilled.

1 11 2011

It reminded me of the not-Catholic PM of Canada politely taking a communion wafer but suppposedly pocketing it instead of ingesting it . . .

. . .what’s Harper really got to complain about, compared to what happened to poor Florida public university student Webster Cook? After all, Harper wasn’t thrown out of his own religion’s services after inquisitors and spies made a scene, much less impeached by his own Senate and threatened with expulsion from his home institution!

And then he even gets to meet the Pope after his offense, despite the fact that he’s not even Catholic? There’s no justice . . .

2 11 2011

Churches/ religious leaders are very political. Even those who are not mainstream or “organized”.

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