Marathon Wimbledon Final!

6 07 2008

Anybody out there watching with me, the Federer-Nadal championship match is INCREDIBLE!!
(It’s now almost 3 pm in Florida.)

When we settled down to watch at 9 am, we were laughing because the schedule slated it from 9-3. Six hours? How silly . . .

Oh shoot. Here comes another rain delay! To pass the wait time, see JJ’s classic tennis and Wimbledon blogging here and here.

Pre-Snook I blogged Wimbledon at Culture Kitchen as proving a case against standardized, mechanized talent development, in kids and other human creatures.
Oh and there’s “Does the Church Play Tennis, Can Prayer Save School and Are You My Mother?”

They’re playing again now but seems it’s almost dark across the pond . . .will it go until tomorrow??

UPDATE – This is like Clinton-Obama, the Contest That Cannot End! It’s 7-7 in the fifth. Maybe we need some superdelegates to decide it?

FINAL after the speeches — I take it back, it’s better than Clinton-Obama. On shorter notice (like three minutes) and way more exhausted, these two young men and their supporters are gracious, classy uniters, not dividers. Good for tennis, good for us.