15 07 2008

UPDATE – Interview with PZ Myers on his thinking, on Donohue, and the radioactive fallout to date

“It is hard to think of anything more vile than to intentionally desecrate the Body of Christ,” Donohue said. “We look to those who have oversight responsibility to act quickly and decisively.”

Talk about asking for it — how about molesting actual bodies of children entrusted to your care, in religious sanctuaries in the Name of Christ?




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15 07 2008
Nance Confer

But those are real, live, and already born, babies. Do we want to waste valuable outrage on them?!


15 07 2008

Hmmm, you know, that brings another break in this frame to mind. . .

Within this literal context,about pre-born souls being sent from heaven, infused at the moment of conception or into the sperm or whatever the specific theology is, and then returned to heaven as spirits when called back from human life, etc — I heard someone eulogizing Tony Snow and his faith the other day by saying that to Tony, “death was a promotion!” —

So why then, does it make the slightest bit of difference to the grand plan? Seems like the soul is eternal in any case and would be blameless plus a lot happier not having to be born and endure the hard human life at all. . .

15 07 2008

You know how they say a little learning is a dangerous thing? 😉

So I went shopping in Dante’s circles of hell, to see where Donohue’s viler than vile crime would fit. I’m thinking the Sixth Circle, for heretics? Trapped in flaming tombs sounds vile all right, until you look at all the worse levels and worse torments as eternal punishment, which would involve violence against other humans.

Although I see the Inner Ring of the Seventh Circle has a dedicated place for “violence against God” which is defined as blasphemy, so would that fit the cracker crime better? (the original fellow, I mean, not PZ Myers who I suppose Donohue will condemn to much worse than that — let’s see. . .)

Whoa! Check out what’s happening in the Eighth! Flatterers are steeped in excrement, seducers and simonists suffer whippings from demons while marching endlessly and getting the soles of their feet flamed off, and corrupt politicians — now we’re talking! — “are immersed in a lake of boiling pitch, which represents the sticky fingers and dark secrets of their corrupt deals.”

(Literally, right? — Donohue inists Catholicism isn’t symbols and beliefs but actual, physical reality. So the wafer doesn’t represent the Body of Christ, it IS the Body of Christ. Same for the Circles of Hell?)

Anyway, it looks to me like there’s a WHOLE lot worse than pocketing the wafer instead of downing it, and viler than threatening to put it in silly hats or break it into little pieces while taking video and uploading one’s demonstration to the Internet. Like say, trying to score political points in the news by using religion to incite violence (and academic repression and secular civil penalties) against real living people.

Puts me in mind of this summer’s US Supreme Court ruling that child rape can’t merit the death penalty. Seriously, what political power of story could say that and then back Donohue, and still manage to keep the faith among civilized, thinking people?

16 07 2008

Hey, how cool would it be if this were literal and physical instead of symbolic?

16 07 2008

Btw, remember Greg and the Ladenhosen?
PZ Meyers continues to be better than them. Thus unlike that other so-called science blog, Pharyngula continues to DESERVE the respect of Thinking Homeschoolers. Even under death threat hysteria, his blogging maintains its integrity :

By their actions you will know them. We have had a number of raving angry Catholics in various threads here…or have we? I’ve had a moment to clean up a few threads and post some of the stuff that was held in comment moderation, and discovered that Naz, k8, promo, baker, PZ is a fool, Burns, rumrunner, Dobbs, NYTs, KKKAthiest, Andy, CDV, BradJ, Brett, b7, PCD, NVFU, Your daddy, facebock, baker and several other loud-mouthed asses who have been braying here are all one and the same person.

This is called sock puppetry. It is trying to generate the illusion of a consensus on one side of an issue by pretending to be a multitude. It is cowardly, contemptible, and stupid — not just because a blog owner can look at the stats and detect it, but because it suddenly diminishes your point of view.

It makes you look so weak that you have to lie to put up a pretense of popular support, and it makes your side, in this case the fundamentalist Catholics, look like a troop of posturing frauds.

And there’s this:

So I have this new policy of posting email that threatens violence with full identifying information. I may have to retract that, since it looks like it’s getting abused. The idea was that I would have a public record of the threat, and that the smart people commenting here would be able to do a little sleuthing for me.

It is most definitely not intended to incite harassment. I do not want you to be dunning these people with email, threatening them back, signing them up for spam, or otherwise being a jerk.

For one thing, we can’t be certain that an innocent’s account hasn’t been hijacked; for another, we’re supposed to be better than that. With the size of the readership here, any reaction by you is likely to be repeated a thousand-fold and turned into an over-reaction. . .
Please STOP SENDING EMAIL TO THESE INDIVIDUALS. There are too many of you, the over-reaction is excessive, and you are not doing our reputation any favor.

16 07 2008

Now to the original “education” angle — once again it was a Florida public campus controversy, sigh, with freedom of speech issues, student sponsorship money and the university judicial process involved:

Cook and members of the campus Catholic group went on to file complaints against each other that are being reviewed by the student judicial system.

Now there’s talk of Cook being forced from his student Senate seat in connection with the incident. A Senate committee is meeting Wednesday afternoon to decide whether to ask the full Senate to impeach Cook over alleged ethics rules violations.

At least it wasn’t UF this time or I suppose the Church Bouncers would’ve just tasered the kid, to make him show the proper respect at their event. But I see the university police ARE getting into the act after the fact so don’t count tasering out yet. . .

July 5

July 7

July 15

Religion not representing education, government, politics but religion that IS education, politics, government. That’s all perfectly acceptable now, did you know that? 😦

16 07 2008
Like School, College Can’t Be Trusted Academic Environment Anymore « Cocking A Snook!

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17 07 2008
Student Star Chamber Convenes on Public U. Campus to Punish Catholic Protester « Cocking A Snook!

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