JJ’s Culture Kitchen Version of It’s a Frackin’ Cracker

17 07 2008

My thoughts on this as a FOCKER (Friend of Culture Kitchen) combined into some semblance of an overview rant here.
Feel free to add yours here, there or both.

Btw, this is one big wafer! I was raised with quarter-coin sized communion wafers and never imagined we were talking about a pancake-sized thing to swallow, maybe this is what started the “show to it my non-Catholic friend” chain of events in the first place.

UPDATE – Melanie Kroll, who worked from NY for 1-800-FLOWERS dot com, was fired when threats were sent from her computer to PZ Myers in MN. Turns out her husband did it, and his rambling online confession sums up why we all are in danger from the adamant ignorance that religious literalism feeds: Read the rest of this entry »

Student Star Chamber Convenes on Public U. Campus to Punish Catholic Protester

17 07 2008

Why public education is teaching all the wrong lessons with “respect the Jeezits”

Status of the case

UCF announced Wednesday that it had dismissed the complaint Cook filed against the Catholic Campus Ministry, which sponsors a weekly service in the Student Union. Cook had alleged personal abuse, hazing and alcohol-policy violations, claiming he was grabbed and that the sacramental wine offered during the service should not have been allowed. School officials didn’t find enough evidence to pursue his complaint.

Furbush said the Senate will have a special hearing to consider Cook’s impeachment.

Once upon a time, not so long ago in the sunny state of Florida, Catholic governor Jeb Bush was cheered and officially supported up to the US Congress rather than impeached, for using his secular state agency powers to interfere with the rule of law, up to and including his nearly-executed plan to literally kidnap Terri Schiavo and hold her life hostage in the name of religion.

(This is a scary story parents, don’t tell it to the kids at bedtime!)

The rationale was that his religion deemed her physically “alive” which trumped her own civil rights to her own body and her husband’s court-approved role as her Decider, thus all the usual secular constraints of state, federal and Constitutional law against such religious overreach, must be bent to serve the Governor’s Catholic-coached convictions.

The letter of the law was of no concern. Law enforcement typically loyal to its chain of command, obeyed the authority currently giving the orders, thus death threats to Michael Schiavo and to at least one judge upholding the Schiavos’ privacy rights, didn’t arouse much official concern.

And never mind the personal torment of all the innocent individuals with dying family members at that hospice with Schiavo, unable to be with them in peace due to the unconscionable, overtly political disruptions being orchestrated for the news cameras that spring. Their faith and family privacy rights weren’t worthy of the slightest note by either Church or State.

. . .the power of story that never-never leaves my own mind, is the cultural ravaging of Terri Schiavo, that eerily media-perfect symbol of helpless, infantalized girl-womanhood. [Catholic] men — her father and husband and some exceedingly creepy spokesmonk in a rope-belted robe and sandals — fought publicly and pretty coarsely against each other and the paternalistic courts (and Governor) to control her very life and death. . .

In the next chapter though, when the plot shifts to spiriting a wafer believed to be flesh OUT of church control, rather than kidnapping an unarguably flesh-and-blood person with full civil rights to get her INTO church control, the Church calls only the former a hate crime, and calls on secular government mechanisms to serve up a legalistic blood sacrifice or two. Read the rest of this entry »