Hope It’s Hereditary!

21 07 2008

From the Boston Red Sox Mailbag

If I recall, the Red Sox drafted at least one Papelbon, if not two of them. How are they doing and do either of them have a chance of playing with the Red Sox?
— Paul J., Brewer, Maine

Yes, the Red Sox drafted Josh Papelbon in the 2006 Draft. A submarine pitcher, Josh is pitching at Class A Lancaster this season and posted a 4.26 ERA over his first 27 outings.

The third Papelbon brother — left-hander Jeremy — was taken by the Cubs in that same draft. Jeremy is in Class A Daytona of the Florida State League, and has solid numbers this season. It’s hard to say at this early juncture if either of those Papelbons will join their big brother in the Majors.



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21 07 2008

And I’m claiming them all, not just as Southerners but as my neighbors from north Florida! All three Papelbon brothers including twins Josh and Jeremy, played their high school ball at Jacksonville’s Bishop-Kenny and the twins stayed home for college at UNF too.

About heredity, it might actually help in this case. Their mom played college softball; their dad coached them all as boys and now helps direct the Ted Williams Musuem and Hitters Hall of Fame in St. Pete.

7 03 2009
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