Girls and Boys Get Math Scores Equal (So Are They the Same Now?)

29 07 2008

Good review of the findings, cock of the snook for it to BitchPhD.

The effect sizes they found — ranging from 0.01 and 0.06 — were basically zero, indicating that the average scores of girls and boys were the same.

This had to be my favorite part though, it’s about time we got some research ammunition on this. . .

Again, the team found little difference, as did a comparison of how well boys and girls did on questions requiring complex problem solving. What the researchers did find, though, was a disturbing lack of questions that tested this ability. In fact, they found none whatsoever on the 10 state assessments for NCLB. . .

Connected Catholics “Cook Up” Month of Prayer for PZ Myers

29 07 2008

No comment, except don’t you love it when a theme comes together?
Even as these Catholics believe they’re defending and being obedient to never-changing universal Church traditions, these same hyperconnected individuals help create chaotic change pressures with every keystroke:

“August 2008 Is Officially Pray for PZ Myers Month”