Gillian, You’re Not Sick, You’re on a Reality Show!

30 07 2008

Remember “everybody has an interesting education” from Sir Ken at the TED conference?

The little girl he talked about in that video, who grew up to be dancer and internationally famous choreographer Gillian Lynne, was just spotlighted in the audience of “So You Think You Can Dance.”
Fun. 🙂

McCain Approves Ad Linking Britney and Paris To Hitler (and Jesus?)

30 07 2008

Have you seen the new McCain ad? Its logic is very clear if subliminal.

Major Premise:
Obama is Hitler (also Jesus if you’ve heard Rush lately, which then would equate Jesus and Hitler too, but that’s probably another ad)

Minor Premise: Dumb blonde bimbo celebrities are the same as Obama

Conclusion: All empty headed, morally bankrupt female celebrities are Hitler.

But wait, so by this logic Obama is secretly blonde and a shopaholic, and a girl? Was Hitler?
(Rush Limbaugh was actually ranting today about Obama sounding like a girl — did Jesus? — and how mature conservative women want “real men” instead of “metrosexuals” so don’t be surprised if that’s McCain’s next logical ad: Too girlie to lead, like Jesus!)

And what does this syllogism say about blonde female celebrity Jodie Foster, so brilliant and grounded she’s worth a dozen Britney-Paris sorority sisters? If she’s more like Obama than they are, is she also more like Hitler too, then? (Did you know she has an unusual real middle name, like Obama? It’s CHRISTIAN.) Will the media hold the McCain campaign accountable for these answers?
My head hurts . . .

Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when first we make the people heave . . .