McCain to Urban League: Al Sharpton Better Than Obama On School Reform

1 08 2008

John McCain is live on CNN right now, in my own swing state of Florida, speaking to the National Urban League.

He is saying that public school principals need more discretion in spending, which will reform public education. Then he criticizes “his opponent” for not signing onto the Education Equality Project (cochaired by Al Sharpton and Joel Klein.)

Nothin’ political about that, nope, nope. 😉




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1 08 2008
Nance Confer

And yet Obama’s speech on the economy — also in FL today — was nowhere to be found on TV.

I heard it through his website but . . .

The next thing we will hear is more crap about the Britney ad and how Obama needs to talk about the issues more. Sigh. . .

I thought he did a very good job of answering some strident questions from the audience, btw. Some banner-waving young, black men with a “what about black people” line they were pushing.


1 08 2008

No, I did actually see that part of Obama’s speech! — also on CNN. He was very polite and positive, said they could ask their questions but first please sit down so he could talk.

1 08 2008
Nance Confer

Right, they’ll repeat that interaction over and over and barely mention that he actually talked about the economy.


1 08 2008

Actually they won’t. They’re now onto the the NEXT unbelievable trashy McCain campaign attack, video of Obama as the Messiah, parting the waters with bible verse overlays. They say lighten up, it’s funny, what a good week we’re having because now we’re driving the media topics . . .if that’s the criterion for getting elected president, Rush Himself deserves it, not these come-lately clowns.

And they don’t really believe Jesus is funny, they think this whole campaign is serving Jesus. Here’s the real subtext of how that might work for them.

They started with Reverend Wright — racist AND religious, a twofer — and that’s clearly where this campaign means to take the country.

Lie about him and smear him. Ridicule and trivialize him. Show complete contempt and condescension. And then call HIM the racist? And the tracking polls are rewarding that?

Yeah, the joke’s on us all right. What a stupid, stupid electorate we must have.

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