Red Sox Trade: Change for Left, for Right

2 08 2008

Yes, this is a political parable. If nobody but Chris O’Donnell gets it, that’s good enough for me.

Did you see that heartwarming and exciting game last night, a bleary, disoriented, young and shy Bay scoring both runs for his brand-new, newly energized and extremely appreciative team and community?

Manny Ramirez versus Jason Bay — two MLB players with arguably interchangeable hitting and fielding stats this year. So why trade them at all, if this was just about numerically comparing their paper trail to see what they can deliver right now?

Worse, if you only look backward, this trade looks risky and stupid.

Manny was the maverick, the talented and experienced veteran with the well-known and beloved narrative, no argument there, the MVP during Boston’s first curse-breaking championship run in 2004, and whose personal “surge” to 500 homers “worked” in 2008.

So he’s already assured of his own personal Hall of Fame berth but now he wants to collect the singular personal wealth and acclaim he feels he deserves, which is obscenely unjustifiable except that that’s how America has allowed worth to be counted.

(Maybe he’s gotten bad advice from his cynical and mercenary handlers, who DO judge total player worth only by the numbers, because that’s what pumps up the numbers on their own paychecks?)

Yet trading them one for the other made a huge difference to the viable future of the Red Sox Nation yesterday, and to the fun we’ll all have getting there together.

Guess who was better in THIS time and THIS place for THESE fans, who today are so weary of ego over team, so disenchanted with incoherent self-absorbed media antics and Manny’s literal lashing out at those who won’t hit him back in kind, because they know he’s changed and not in a good way, and just think it’s time for him to go.

What matters utterly is the very different power of story inside their heads, and ours. That’s what creates the reality we live in, not stats and not paychecks and not cynically divisive claims of their profiteering agents.

“He had a remarkable run here,” said [Theo] Epstein. “His whole career has been remarkable. He’s one of the best right-handed hitters in history and his numbers speak for themselves. He was a key part of two World Series teams. No one can ever take that away from him. We’re not going to. We don’t want to. We wish him well going forward and realize as we sit here today on Aug. 1 that’s now in our past and we’re moving forward as a team.”

Is America still playing in the majors, in it to win it?
Is Theo Epstein old enough to run for president yet?

When Did “Flipflop” Murder “Pivot” and Why Don’t We Prosecute?

2 08 2008

Just wondering.
Consider this an open thread to discuss whatever unworthy campaigning and issues coverage are annoying you this week. . .

Change Happens From the Bottom Up

2 08 2008

Listening to Barack Obama live with the National Urban League: .

“Somewhere along the way we let a reckless few game the system. . .”