One Thinking Mom: Beyond Belief, About Belief

14 08 2008

I seldom ask outright but please — go read this and if it rings true for you too, share it.

I don’t think there is a God; but I wish there was one.

There it is. I said it.

I had never actually said this to anyone until my seven-year-old daughter asked me point-blank, “Mom, do you believe in God?” It had been easy to avoid a concrete answer up to that point. . . Everybody believes different things…the bible is filled with stories that teach people…we should learn about other people’s beliefs…we should keep asking questions so we can decide what we think…those were the easy parts.

I told myself that I was still thinking about it.

The problem is that deep down, I had already decided. And I had decided that God was not real. God was created from the human desire to explain what we didn’t understand. God was an always-supportive father figure, able to get us through difficult times when human fathers were insufficient.

. . . I am a GOOD person. I am a KIND person. I help OTHERS. As I left for school each day as a little girl, my mother always said, “Remember, you are a Christian young lady.” That’s who I AM!

Now, here I was, a mother, encouraging my children to keep asking questions, keep reading, keep talking with others.
I want my children to think and learn. Then, I tell them, decide for yourself. But had I ever asked questions about religion?

. . .Had I actually decided for myself? No.

It’s the second, concluding part of her thinking, I see now. So for more good personal power of story, check out her Part One here.