How to Clean Your Room, From Little HS on the Prairie

16 08 2008

I love this, thanks Rebecca! Think I’ll try it out with my cleaning-impaired teens asap, if they’re not too far gone yet . . .

So, for any kid whose mother has had enough, here are the instructions:

1. Make the bed
2. Take everything off the floor, and everything off the surfaces, and put it all on the bed.
3. Dust the furniture.
4. Vacuum or dust mop the floor.
5. Now sort the pile on the bed:
6. Put the dirty clothes in the hamper.
7. Carry any food (gasp!) or dishes to the kitchen.
8. Put any trash in the wastebasket.
9. Put the rest of the items where they belong. (If you don’t love it or use it, put it in a box to give away.) Put away the large items first. Then you will be left with the tiny things, like pencils and odd Legos. Sort these little things and put them in their boxes or containers.
10. Empty the wastebasket.

Voila! A clean room.




3 responses

16 08 2008
Not June Cleaver

Thanks!! I love it.

17 08 2008


I don’t have kids, but I might have to follow these instructions myself!!

17 08 2008
Nance Confer

My son is going to need a larger bed. . . 🙂


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