You’d Think Carly Fiorina Was Officially a DEMOCRAT

25 08 2008

. . .and all the rest of them getting free air for their spin, to “speak” about the Dem convention. I’ve seen a bunch of conventions but nothing like this, ever. Not just Fox but MSNBC and even CNN are interviewing Republican critics of this convention and historic candidacy round the clock! I’ve seen Carly every time I had electric power and could turn on the tv, and she’s on again right now for extended one-on-one with Andrea Mitchell who just pitched her softballs and then accepted whatever talking points she came out swinging with. Including even more noun-verb-POW character claims.

Free campaign ads for the Rs all week?

And Paul Begala, James Carville and the rest of the Clinton crowd still dominating the news media on tv, naturally continue to advance Hillary’s visibility and importance, and both Clintons’ status as disrespected victims even as they suck up all the attention as THE story, with all the time left over that the Rs aren’t filling on-air — criticizing Obama for not kissing her feet while she continues to kick him with faint praise, as he’s flat on the floor from the latest truck McCain hired to blindside him. Now Andrea is prompting Walter Mondale (not much older than McCain but did she mention that??) to talk about Hillary Clinton instead of the Obamas.

In fact, the only time I’ve heard the Obama name mentioned in the last 36 hours is to attack it — Michelle Obama has been trashed all day, from every angle, Dems and Rs alike, plus the supposedly neutral commentators. Is this what McCain’s whining about media bias (and shadowy corporate backers) bought him? Or is this really what passes for “fair and balanced” news coverage now?

They better believe I will be watching next week, to see if the real news journalists do nothing but air spin from Dems promoting Obama and trashing the Rs while they are having THEIR convention . . .