Favorite Daughter’s First Vote On 88th Anniversary for Women

26 08 2008

She is a self-educated feminist and avid student of suffrage history.

Her first vote this morning on her way to college classes was inconsequential in every way, except the fact that she was able to cast it.
Voting independently has been a more important milestone in her eyes than getting her license to drive, which she still hasn’t gotten around to pursuing.

I predict she will always remember her first, and the exact date. 🙂

“Parents Are Our First and Best Teachers”

26 08 2008

. . .now that’s Power of Story.

I had to remind myself watching last night, that I’m non-partisan. Not a Democrat, not a Democrat, not a Democrat! 😉

Mr. Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, talked about growing up in a family with little money, raised by a mother who was “an eternal optimist who understood that parents are our first and best teachers.”

. . .[Then Michelle Obama spoke] of her own family’s blue-collar past and spoke of her husband’s life as “a great American story.”