“Parents Are Our First and Best Teachers”

26 08 2008

. . .now that’s Power of Story.

I had to remind myself watching last night, that I’m non-partisan. Not a Democrat, not a Democrat, not a Democrat! 😉

Mr. Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, talked about growing up in a family with little money, raised by a mother who was “an eternal optimist who understood that parents are our first and best teachers.”

. . .[Then Michelle Obama spoke] of her own family’s blue-collar past and spoke of her husband’s life as “a great American story.”




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26 08 2008
Daryl Cobranchi

Come on over to the Dark Side. The water’s fine.

26 08 2008

But I hear the Clintons are still running everything! 😉

And if she calls Obama her “opponent” again tonight, so help me . . .

26 08 2008

Just heard Terry McAuliffe interviewed on Sean Hannity’s radio show this afternoon in the car. And James Carville ranting last night. If he and the other Old Guard Democrats like Begala are really committed to losing this thing by insisting it’s still really about the Clintons, I’ll never forgive the Democrat party for squandering the best chance we’ve had at real change since I could vote. And neither will FavD, for robbing her of the candidate of HER generation.

OTOH, if Obama and the current Dem leadership actually pull this out despite everything and everyone including their own party leadership and much of the media taking every possible shot at them, and start to govern the way I hope they will, I just may take you up on that offer and bring FavD along for a swim too. 🙂

26 08 2008

It is 10:53 pm. Hillary is blowing. me. away.

26 08 2008

That was masterful, and I know a thing or two about politics and speech-writing. And I don’t (didn’t) even like her as a candidate. But she IS a leader, and she is clearly a committed Democrat. And she’s become a great speaker.
Keep going!
Daryl, you may have to welcome me into the swimming hole sooner than we planned! 🙂

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