Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

28 08 2008

. . .yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.

FavD and I had a musical rehearsal last night until late (for Singin’ in the Rain, I’ll blog that next month) so we recorded all the doings from Denver, and I just now got the chance to fast forward up to President Clinton’s speech.

I saw Kendrick Meek of Florida introduce him — chuckling to myself because when I was lobbying for public schools back in the 80s, Kendrick’s mother Carrie was in the Florida Senate taking the mike in her high-pitched Butterfly McQueen voice to proclaim the gospel that some bill or amendment or other, was “Black Flag dead!”

But I digress.

So I chuckled at Kendrick and thought again how Florida is always pivotal in presidential elections, an honor I’d gladly give up if I knew how, and then the Bill Clinton intro music began to play:

Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone?

How ironic, and kinda sad. I remember hearing that same theme song when he took the stage with a much younger, almost-girlish, darker-eyebrowed Hillary, so achingly young and excited and overconfident.

That song was playing, and it was our song and their song. It was right then, and it’s still right now.
Maybe it’s still ours, but not theirs anymore . . .

Oh well, as popular music it beats Wake Up Little Susie!

. . .did you know that the dynastic Governing Brothers both have the exact same favorite song?? (WHAT ARE THE ODDS??)

Yes, it’s a highly rated crowd pleaser of a song that has stood the test of time, its power of story about lying to parents and pleasing the country-western crowd, but they are so gosh-darn earnest and church-going and clean-cut about it . . .

This year the Bush-Rove team is singing McCain to sleep, with innocent lies to tell us parents. . . Read the rest of this entry »

Physical Culture Cool: Bring Some Home for the Kids!

28 08 2008

An Olympic slide show of cutting edge athletic cool that, like Johnny B. Good in Back to the Future, you may not be ready for but your kids are gonna love —

The sleek LZR Racer corset swimsuit wasn’t the only athletic equipment to make news at the Beijing Olympics. Other intriguing sports gear showed up on the feet, faces, shoulders, bodies and bikes of the world’s best and had recreational athletes talking.
Some of it is new, high tech and lust-worthy, and some is simply cheap and easy to get.

My favorite description was probably for the spring-loaded, bright yellow Stinger running shoe:
“Braving possible censure and certain blinding visibility . . .
We haven’t gotten a ruling on whether the spring-loading is legal [but] that didn’t stop the Olympians . . . from bounding along.”

Pretty much how we like to think of our unschooling family life! 😉