Physical Culture Cool: Bring Some Home for the Kids!

28 08 2008

An Olympic slide show of cutting edge athletic cool that, like Johnny B. Good in Back to the Future, you may not be ready for but your kids are gonna love —

The sleek LZR Racer corset swimsuit wasn’t the only athletic equipment to make news at the Beijing Olympics. Other intriguing sports gear showed up on the feet, faces, shoulders, bodies and bikes of the world’s best and had recreational athletes talking.
Some of it is new, high tech and lust-worthy, and some is simply cheap and easy to get.

My favorite description was probably for the spring-loaded, bright yellow Stinger running shoe:
“Braving possible censure and certain blinding visibility . . .
We haven’t gotten a ruling on whether the spring-loading is legal [but] that didn’t stop the Olympians . . . from bounding along.”

Pretty much how we like to think of our unschooling family life! 😉




One response

28 08 2008

The whole time we were watching the beach volleyball, I thought that black tape on her shoulder was a fashion statement, some kind of Chinese symbol for strength, victory or maybe her first name! 🙂

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