Hey, I Picked Sarah Palin for McCain’s Veep Weeks Ago — Ready on Day One

29 08 2008

. . .to compromise the constitution and her sworn service to the people, for her own bull moose-headed, gun-slinging, man-manipulating, woman-dissing, image-pandering, ego-feeding agenda! She’s perfect! See
“McCain Could Pick a Real Mother of a Veep” to confirm.

Doesn’t this just make her the perfect nominee for Republicans, to be a (very) old man’s single heartbeat away from the First Woman Presidency? She will be ready and willing on Day One to misuse her executive power, no waiting for that pesky outsider’s learning curve!
. . .how in power, they let their personal beliefs and desires run roughshod over others, individuals who do NOT rightfully belong to them to play God (or Godfather) with.

It might not be Palin but if it is, I’m claiming credit for seeing the compelling political story in it “first” — August First. 😉

UPDATE 10:38 — cable news is confirming from Norah O’Donnell that it is indeed Palin. What fun!

UPDATE II 10:56 on MSNBC – Joe Scarborough just said this means the Rs will run a ruthlessly ideological campaign with nothing but its base to work with, and it’s a “helluva risk.” — I think that’s right and I previewed it in the August first post:

“Btw, hmmm, this would make an ideologically airtight anti-abortion ticket, with adoption at the top of the order, and not aborting after genetic testing on deck.”

Another MSNBC commentator just said “EVANGELICALS AND HOMESCHOOLERS WILL BE ECSTATIC” — actually that is true. I’m a homeschool parent who thinks this seals the deal for Obama-Biden. It’s a complete capitulation, giving up the only legit thing McCain had going with undecideds and independents, a fear that only he could be a trustworthy commander in chief keeping Americans safe for the next four years. But his health history and age makes him a big risk not to make it through the next four years physically, and the fading away of mental acuity in Reagan’s second term is a big risk with McCain, too, especially given his recent out-of-touch moments and his famous volatility even as a young man. So the only way he’s not risky is with a veep ready to be commander in chief on the ticket with him. Palin is the least likely choice I can imagine then, even younger than Obama! — and she’s not even racially-internationally flavored like Jindal would have been.

She’s about the whitest, most socially and geographically isolated, insulated and only marginally educated choice he could have made. Not to mention gun-totin’ and hot-headed and image-obsessed. Come finish off America, all you foreign leaders, if we’re stupid enough to put this forward as serious, important third-millennium global leadership. We’d deserve it.

AND just to top off the absurdity of all this, she’s from the other newfangled, exotic, not-quite-real state that people should be suspicious of, you know, like Obama’s homestate of Hawaii, a strange place that wasn’t even a state when Old Man McCain was born (in the Panama Canal Zone??) LOL!!!!

UCF Student Webster Cook Kicked Out By His Peers

29 08 2008

Hot off the presses late Thursday night (it’s midnight right now) for Friday’s news . . .why weren’t these supposed politicos in the making watching Obama’s historic speech??!
And I don’t understand how they got malfeasance and misfeasance out of the dispute with campus Catholics, but Webster Cook has just lost his student senate seat over it anyway. The student newspaper says he plans to appeal.

As alert readers will recall, at least he wasn’t expelled too.