UCF Student Webster Cook Kicked Out By His Peers

29 08 2008

Hot off the presses late Thursday night (it’s midnight right now) for Friday’s news . . .why weren’t these supposed politicos in the making watching Obama’s historic speech??!
And I don’t understand how they got malfeasance and misfeasance out of the dispute with campus Catholics, but Webster Cook has just lost his student senate seat over it anyway. The student newspaper says he plans to appeal.

As alert readers will recall, at least he wasn’t expelled too.



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29 08 2008

More stupid people making stuff up as they go along?

Cook’s father, Brian Cook, was in the audience for the trial.

Brian Cook said he was upset about the decision. He said the charges against his son were a part of a political vendetta, and there were many problems with trial.

“In a real court, with real rules, the outcome would have been a lot different,” Brian Cook said.

22 10 2008
UCF Senator Webster Cook Impeached Secretly, Thus Illegally? « Cocking A Snook!

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