Palin’s Ignorance Imperils the Whole Planet

30 08 2008

The record offers worrisome evidence that the first woman to make it onto a Republican presidential ticket holds to this backward and wholly unscientific view of reality.

As reported in the Anchorage Daily News during her race for the governorship of Alaska, Sarah Palin offered up a classic anti-evolution answer when asked during a televised debate whether creationism should be taught with evolution in the public schools:

“Teach both,” Palin said.

“You know, don’t be afraid of information… I am a proponent of teaching both.”

“Teach both” and “teach the debate” have long been the mantras of the religious right and the Intelligent Design crowds, which have struggled over the years as court after court has batted down their efforts to inject unscientific teachings into the nation’s science classes.

The legal record suggests that Palin’s approach is not just ignorant of the facts, but a plain violation of the Constitutional boundary between church and state.

But wait, there’s more! Now how much would we pay, for dominionist-induced ignorance??

In addition to her unscientific views on evolution, Palin has said she does not believe that human activities are contributing to global climate change, a fact of planetary life on which the world’s best scientists have reached complete consensus.



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31 08 2008

I like what she said of her father (a public school science teacher): “My dad did talk a lot about his theories of evolution.”

Yeah, theories, plural… And, some apparent confusion about the word “theory”?

Sadly, many won’t see the problem… Which is, of course, the timeless beauty of the Wedge Strategy and its various mutant manifestations.

31 08 2008

Have you seen this article?

31 08 2008

How sad. She doesn’t sound very smart.

31 08 2008
Nance Confer

So she didn’t even listen to her own father? What chance that she will ever listen to anyone else?


31 08 2008
Nance Confer

And how about this “plan:”

We know she’s not qualified to be Pres so, when McCain dies, she’ll appoint someone else.

Really. That’s this blogger’s plan.

And he’s on her side!


31 08 2008

Lynn, that article gave me nightmares last night, like the first time I learned about the Discovery Institute’s Wedge Document, only worse. You know I’ve been reading religion journalist Jeff Sharlet’s new book, The Family?

It hangs together in some creepy ways I wouldn’t have even considered before the Bush administration. Sure takes the fun and sport out of it, doesn’t it?

What do you think? Do you think Palin actually could be a front or useful idiot for these people?

31 08 2008

Solid and interesting comments at Dawkins’ blogpost on Palin’s creationist beliefs.
And remember, she started in politics in — you guessed it — the PTA.
(Does the P stand for Pentecostal now?)

31 08 2008
Nance Confer

Perky Pentecostals.

So what are the lady’s plans as far as more children? Is she a full-quiver gal, with plans to keep on keeping on? Or is she done now that she’s made her point about not aborting Downs’ Syndrome babies?

Anyone know about this?


31 08 2008

Well, at 44 my quiver had done all its quivering, but she’s touted as some rare breed – all things to all people in public and private at the same time, from beauty queens to unions and Big Oil to soldiers in Kuwait (Fav D found the not-photoshopped picture I just added to the post above) — so maybe she’s a rare breeder too?

Science and biology certainly doesn’t stand in her way; she simply rejects it.

1 09 2008

I’m not sure what to make of that article – especially as I haven’t had time to explore its many links. And, frankly, I don’t know a lot about the reliability of Daily Kos…

“A useful idiot for (dominionists),” got me thinking about how, really, millions of Americans are “useful idiots” for this stuff. Maybe not idiots, generally, but absolutely clueless about the aims of these groups.

I do know that I’m really concerned about the GOP ticket. Palin does seem to be a christianist “agent of intolerance,” doesn’t she? (Or maybe she’s just what I call “an ant,” doing as she’s told, not questioning.)

And, newly ordained Fr. John, known for his hair-trigger temper and insatiable thirst for revenge at the slightest hint of “disrespect,” reminds me a little of (what’s his name?)… Ahmadinejad.

Yeah, not a good ticket, in my mind.

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