Logic for Thinking Parents: McCain-Palin Beyond Belief

2 09 2008

See what Dale’s been up to using actual thinking skills and logic instead of prayer and talking points, to fisk McCain’s latest political calculus, putting Palin in his convention spotlight to take the Republican heat:

Take the Palin relevations of just 96 hours in the spotlight (former pot smoker, experience near nil, not smarter than a fifth grader in world knowledge, pregnant teen daughter, subject of corruption probe).

Put them on a Democrat and they’d be evidence of moral and political outrage. On a Republican, they are said (by Republicans) to denote heroism (”They didn’t abort the baby!”), sinlessness (”She hasn’t been corrupted by Washington!”) and the common touch (”I’d love to have a beer/shoot a deer with her!”).
Haven’t yet seen the corruption probe spun into gold, but the week is young. . .

Sarah Palin Should’ve Led Gustav Command!

2 09 2008

Remember that, when people worry about how inexperienced she is, for two years she’s been in charge of the Alaska National Guard.
– Former Speaker of the House NEWT GINGRICH (Republican)


If the Rs were really serious (and confident) as they keep insisting, about Sarah Palin having the most “executive” and “command” experience of all four prez nominees,  they could’ve proved it on the spot!  What a coup that could’ve been for them, assuming their party is comprised of truth-tellers and competent public servants with good judgment.

Consider this:  President Bush could’ve named Palin to head the National Guard and Homeland Security Gustav command.  All the Gustav governors (of states larger in population than she’s ever commanded) are Republicans, so who would complain?  They would trust her and follow her because she’s so experienced as a leader and commander in chief, with such proven judgment and character, right?  That’s all it takes, we’re told.

Not to mention that Bush is still their president and commander and leader of their party, and if Republicans sipped the kool-aid three years ago, and defended Bush-McCain for celebrating McCain’s birthday with the tarmac cake during Katrina, how could Palin have done any worse, seriously?   What’s to fear — it could hardly have been worse with a hockey mom in charge and maybe she would’ve taken up arms herself, been wounded in battle and thereby won the White House by virtue of her sacrifice.

The entire population of the state she’s briefly governed is barely half the total number of Americans currently without power because of Gustav, much less the millions who evacuated. What an opportunity for her to show what she can really do!  Her teenaged pregnant daughter recovering from months of mononucleosis had the family’s four-month-old Down syndrome baby’s care covered round the clock, so what would’ve stopped her, Country First, charge!

This isn’t partisan. I always had a chip about Kathleen Blanco (see below for eerie similiarities to Palin!) and Mary Landrieu as incompetent before and during Katrina, more to blame for why Katrina wasn’t handled as well as Florida hurricanes under Jeb Bush had been in my experience, than I think they were called to account for. And my most searing judgment I reserve for the partisan operatives who cynically put these women in in office treating governance as a game in which winners get rich, sex and looks are exploited, and real ability to govern is irrelevant.


Kathleen Babineaux Blanco is a former Democratic Governor of Louisiana, having served from January 2004 until January 2008. She was the first woman to hold the office of governor of Louisiana.

Less than two years into her term as governor, Hurricane Katrina, the third strongest hurricane ever to make landfall in the United States, struck New Orleans and Louisiana.

So let’s take an objective and nonpartisan look — Blanco like Palin, is the first female governor of a state that like Alaska has its own flavor and identity, is corrupt, fat on pork, and important to the nation’s domestic oil supply.  She has held that title and executive office, including command of its National Guard, for less than two years, when she is suddenly thrust into the most demanding of real national crisis by Republican administration collapse, and the “actual responsibilities” fall to her.   She fails.  Law and order collapses, millions suffer, thousands of Americans die.  A city larger than Palin’s whole state, is wiped off the map.

Does it really matter to America’s future prosperity and security, that both are beautiful women? Does it matter that they both are moms to large families [Blanco has SIX children, if not quite so Hollywood-celebrity named as Palin’s five: Karmen, Monique, Nicole, Ray, Pilar, Ben]

And if we agree those things do NOT matter, then why wasn’t Bobby Jindal picked by Republicans, for maverick reform plus history-making buzz?  Truth in “actual responsibilities” would have been a bonus!

USA TODAY — Louisiana’s new governor-elect, Bobby Jindal, vowed to clean up corruption and embraced his image as a bureaucratic, methodical leader on Sunday, one day after voters here made history by electing the first Indian-American governor in the USA. . .

At 36, Jindal, a Republican, is the state’s first ethnic minority governor since Reconstruction and will be the youngest current-serving governor in America.