Logic for Thinking Parents: McCain-Palin Beyond Belief

2 09 2008

See what Dale’s been up to using actual thinking skills and logic instead of prayer and talking points, to fisk McCain’s latest political calculus, putting Palin in his convention spotlight to take the Republican heat:

Take the Palin relevations of just 96 hours in the spotlight (former pot smoker, experience near nil, not smarter than a fifth grader in world knowledge, pregnant teen daughter, subject of corruption probe).

Put them on a Democrat and they’d be evidence of moral and political outrage. On a Republican, they are said (by Republicans) to denote heroism (”They didn’t abort the baby!”), sinlessness (”She hasn’t been corrupted by Washington!”) and the common touch (”I’d love to have a beer/shoot a deer with her!”).
Haven’t yet seen the corruption probe spun into gold, but the week is young. . .




One response

2 09 2008
Nance Confer

Dale’s site was balm to my brain after reading too much Palin junk. Thanks! 🙂


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