And on a Lighter Note, The Political Juggler!

6 09 2008

Think this was just an amusing spellcheck screw-up, or maybe this Denver weekly’s Hazel Trice Edney is a brilliant satirist, or she really doesn’t know the difference?    😀

“But, Obama did not allow symbolism to overshadow substance.
He went straight for the political juggler . . .”

Here’s another gaffe, not intended to be political news but it turned out to be:
Football season is underway here (very big deal!)

I heard a female sportscaster on local radio news — probably a college student? — intone without subsequently noticing and correcting what she’d just said, that some player was unfortunately out for the upcoming game,

“due to a torn ACL-U . . .”




2 responses

7 09 2008
Nance Confer

Maybe the player should sue somebody. 🙂


7 09 2008

LOL – do you think this problem was on his “right” or his “left” side?

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