Palin’s Pitbull Fangs Bared By Same Old Republican Lip

8 09 2008

GOP = George’s Old Party

SALON: Sarah Palin’s real soul mate
McCain’s veep choice is the reincarnation of George W. Bush, as channeled by Karl Rove.

Quiz: Can you read Republican lips with or without the shiny distraction of lipstick?
See if you know your maverick hockey mom from your President Bush.  Take Salon’s Palin-Bush quiz here.

In their gubernatorial campaigns, they emphasized bold ideas and reform, even touting their lack of experience as an asset rather than a liability; while in state office, they became extraordinarily popular, thanks to deft populist instincts and immense personal magnetism, as well as an unusual ability to project an aura of moderation and post-partisanship (“I reached across the aisle”; “I’m a uniter, not a divider”) even while engaged in viciously political behavior.

Part of what helps them preserve that firewall is the human cocoons with which they’ve surrounded themselves, tight circles of devoted long-term insiders. . .
It’s an environment that encourages a with-us-or-against-us, win-at-all-costs mentality, a mindset that has been expressed in both their politics and their governance. . .

Which fits with what both Republican pitbully littermates exclude from their “actual responsibilities” in American leadership:

If there’s a common cause for Bush and Palin’s less-than-complex worldview — one that should disturb the security minded of both parties — it’s their profound disinterest in understanding or even experiencing other countries and cultures.

If all that makes sense to you, you might assume you’re as well-qualified as any middle-class mom or dad to set the curve on this leadership test, but be smart — put your mind where your mouth is!  Don’t talk to the media until you study up in Rick Warren’s cone of silence, or better yet, spend as much of campaign season as possible making up some new answers in one of Dick Cheney’s underground, undisclosed locations.

And forget about praying for a free pass, here’s your ACTUAL salvation as leader of the free world, the crib she-, oops I mean, curriculum guide:
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